Easy Vegan Fettucine Mushroom Alfredo

I have a confession.
I, dear readers, have always been one to tout my “cooking skills”, even when I was 15 or 16. I made it very clear to my friends and family that I knew my way around a kitchen.
My specialty of Fettucine Alfredo (which I was of course extremely proud of) – funnily enough, came mostly from this packet:


Looking back I just have to laugh – considering the shocking ingredient list and the fact that the instructions stipulated to add copious amounts of butter, water, and milk – I had my work cut out for me. Of course, I always added in some fresh mushrooms, garlic, and oregano, which I sauteed in some olive oil before adding in the rest of the monstrosity within the packet.
Even though I used to be a certified pasta fiend, I’ve since lost my taste for traditional white pasta and much prefer a heartier spelt or wholewheat blend. Recently though, I came across a tagliatelle shaped Shiritaki Noodles at the supermarket (Carrefour, City Centre – if you’re wondering) and I just had to try them after hearing so much about this seemingly miracle low carb pasta. I was also instantly inspired to re-create a vegan version of my beloved Mushroom Alfredo.
The results, I’m happy to report, are just as delicious as I remember them, only without the oodles of sodium, preservatives, saturated fat and cholesterol – win!



As you can see, my kitchen arrogance is still alive and kicking. ;)

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